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Marktstraat 21a, 5171 GM Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
Selina De hoon on Google

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Ik laat me wenkbrauwen epileren nou... ze vergeet de helft en dat kleuren van me wenkbrauwen helemaal niet goed ik vraag het mag wat donkerder maar luister totaal niet naar de klant. Ik kom daar niet meer
I have eyebrows plucked well ... she forgets half and that colors of my eyebrows are not good at all I ask it can be a bit darker but do not listen to the customer at all. I don't go there anymore
Joke Viguurs on Google

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Enorm fijne en voorral profesionele ervaring gehad. Helemaal tot rust gekomen door alleen een kappersbehandeling? Maar met zoveel zorg , en je merkt dat ze echt een passie voor hun vak hebben❀ Ik kom sowiezo terug niet om alleen tot rust te komen maar ook voor de gehele ervaring!?
Had a very nice and very professional experience. Completely relaxed by only a hairdresser treatment? But with so much care, and you notice that they really have a passion for their profession ❀ In any case, I will not come back just to relax but also for the entire experience! ?
sara dejong on Google

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Bij hairfashion Lizet weave extensions laten plaatsen. Ik ben er super blij mee en voor een goede prijs! De kwaliteit van het haar voelt heel goed aan en werd er fijn behandeld. Dankjewel!
Have Lizet weave extensions installed at hairfashion. I am very happy with it and for a good price! The quality of the hair feels very good and was treated nicely. Thank you!
Nicole Van Os on Google

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Top heel gezellig en de koffie is ook goed en de prijs ook.toppie
Top very cozy and the coffee is also good and the price too
Anne Vink-Sijrier on Google

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Super geholpen, zowel met trouwkapsel als gewoon een heerlijke verfbeurt.
Super helpful, both with wedding haircut and just a lovely paint job.
Tonenwilly Sins on Google

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Een goede kapster met hart voor het vak. Luister naar wat de klant wil en geeft goede adviezen.
A good hairdresser with a passion for the profession. Listen to what the customer wants and give good advice.
Tamlyn Botha on Google

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Unfortunately my experience with Hairfashion Lizet was not a positive one. I spent €247 on 50cm hair extensions that started falling out two days later. Before I had the extensions put in, the owner told me not to wash my hair with any shampoo that has oil in or to use a mask or conditioner. I was afraid to use my regular shampoo because I was sure it had oil in, so decided to use Zwitsal instead. I checked the bottle and ingredients and it didn't seem to contain any oil. On the Saturday, before the owner put my extensions in I told her that I used the Zwitsal and it didn't seem to be a problem. She put the extensions in my hair and gave me basic care instructions, a brush and shampoo. She told me that it was normal to lose a few, but that I should let her know if I had any problems. I sent her a Facebook message on the Monday to tell her that two extensions had fallen out without me even washing them and only received an automatic reply. On the Tuesday morning I washed my hair with the shampoo that she gave me and a whole lot of extensions started coming out of my hair, some of them tangled as they did, making it difficult to get them out my hair, especially without conditioner. She used two different brands of extensions for the blonde and brown hair and the funny thing is that the brown ones all came out, but the few blonde ones stayed properly attached to my hair. I was really worried, as my wedding is coming up in a few weeks and I desperately needed her advice before she went on holiday the following Monday. After multiple WhatsApp messages, phone calls and voice messages she finally only responded on the Thursday after my partner sent her a WhatsApp. She did some reading after I explained everything to her and she told me that the Zwitsal had oil in and that it was the cause of my extensions falling out. She said that she could help me put them back, but only at the same fee (€50) as she usually charges to clean and re-place the extensions. I did not want to spend MORE money on the extensions with the risk that they could just fall out again, especially so close to my wedding! She told me that was all she could do. She is the professional, and I just feel that if she was unsure about the Zwitsal when I told her about using it (BEFORE she put the extensions in), why did she proceed to put them in my hair? If she didn’t know that it may contain oil (which I’m still not certain about) then how would I know? I did not study hairdressing, I don’t understand shampoos and how they work, and I especially don’t understand scientific or hair-related terminology. What a waste of a LOT of money, and without any recourse too. With all the fiddling, my real hair feels like it has taken a knock and it seems to be much thinner too ☹
Maria Oliveira on Google

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good professionals and good environment hair well.treated hairfashion lizete ,good prices

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