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Canadasweg 3A, 5406 TS Uden, Netherlands

Phone : πŸ“ž +7
Postal code : 5406
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City : Uden

Canadasweg 3A, 5406 TS Uden, Netherlands
Lunakita BD on Google

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Affordable Fun! With the Dutch weather being ever so unpredictable Hullie has it all for sunny or rainy days. It is large, with 3 ball pit areas for all ages, One area is alone for very small children. A train that the kids can ride, laser tag, football, indoor and out door bike, trikes, Giant lego land, art room with art teacher, bouncy room. Outside large spaces to play , large play areas. Something for everyone. Parent and adult friendly. Comfortable seating allows you to grab a book or magazine and relax with a nice drink. Food is good, not just the usual snacks but really nice food for adults as well. For children the menu is diverse. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I honestly can not say one bad thing about Hullie. We love it! We live in Eindhoven and find it worth the 30 minute drive. Very easy to get to, located in a lovely countryside of farms, horses and camping areas. Plenty of free parking.
Mignonne de Valk on Google

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This is a very nice place for children. Even for our little boy there is enough to do and see. We have only been there when it was very hot, I do not know if it is big enough for those young kids if all the kids have to play inside. There is also a nice little pool where they can cool down.
M Willems on Google

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It's a great place for kids with activities for all ages. Parents and guardians can sit down while their kids go crazy in the mazes, soccerfield, slides and so on. Entry for parents is free. The day we went however it was WAY too busy and they didnt tell us that on the phone which resulted in that we payed for nothing as our baby was being bumped into by older kids in the baby zone. Nobody from the personell watched for it..
Koen Zomers on Google

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Love the diversity of things kids can do here. From climbing to jumping to playing with sand and water to swimming to being creative with paint and pencils to building houses with blocks. There's so much fun here. Food and drinks are affordable and good. Parents get in for free. Kids from 1 year old and up pay 8.50 euro. Pity there's not a lower tariff for kids between 1 and 2. My daughter just turned one and can't do a whole lot yet still had to pay 8.50 for her. Free WiFi is decent. Can surely recommend this place!
Endre Soos on Google

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We spent a great day here. Lots of interesting games. A paradise for children, they can play for hours without a brake. Restaurant and bar also nice. The only challange is that is is hard to find your kids once they go away. Might be hard to find a table in the peak hours.
Christopher Frey on Google

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Awesome place to let your kids run around and have some fun. The food menu and service are absolutely top notch.
Suzi Noble on Google

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Great place for families & children of all ages. There are foot peddle trains, multiple indoor & outdoor playland with splash pad, & crafting hour. Also paintball, laser tag, & putt putt golf. Great place to spend the day as they also have a Cafe.
Nellie Sibaeva on Google

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Very fun place for kids! It is quite big, with outside and inside playgrounds. There are multiple areas and lots of table options located in different halls/rooms, so you can be closest to the playground most appropriate for the age of the child. We loved the QR ordering system! So convenient, just scan a QR code at yoir table, order and pay on your phone and food and drinks get delivered to you table! Very easy. You can also order at one of the two bars as well, so no problem if you don't have a smart phone. Kids enter free after 5pm at the moment, if you are just popping in for some food. And the place closes at 7pm. Food was fine. Nothing too special, but my husband did enjoyed his spare ribs and the menu is pretty big with snacking options. I had fish and chips, our child had a boiled sausage, which we preferred much more to the deep fried ones. Plenty of drink options, including wine and beer. :) Everyone who works here is friendly and approachable. We enjoyed our evening stop and definitely recommend this place to other families with children. Kids can be entertained here for hours. There is even an arts and crafts room, which we saw, but it closes at 5pm. Fun place! We will be back.

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