Juicy Lucy - Korenmarkt 36

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Dank voor je geduld. We zijn bezig met werkzaamheden op de site en zijn binnenkort terug.

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Korenmarkt 36, 6811 GW Arnhem, Netherlands

Postal code : 6811
Website : http://www.juicylucy.nl/
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City : Arnhem

Korenmarkt 36, 6811 GW Arnhem, Netherlands
Arco Loonstra on Google

Juicy Lucy is echt een heerlijke bar voor de zaterdag (of vrijdag) avond. Leuk personeel, lekkere muziek en een super sfeer.
Juicy Lucy is a really lovely bar for the Saturday (or Friday) evening. Fun staff, good music and a great atmosphere.
Sonal Frances Engels on Google

Bar-mevrouwen dansen op de bar net als Coyote Ugly. Sommigen mogen dat meer laten dan anderen. Entfin gezellig kroegje, vrij druk en vol later op de avond.
Bar ladies dance on the bar just like Coyote Ugly. Some may leave that more than others. Entfin cozy pub, quite busy and full later in the evening.
Gipson Coelho on Google

Attractive girls
Joris B on Google

RnB kindertent
Hendrik van Iterson on Google

Sophie on Google

Very nice club, DJ takes suggestions and the bartenders are very nice and they dance on the bar.
Julia Verne on Google

Terrible music, seriously. All the songs were cheap remixes that didn't sound great at all. They even remixed africa toto. Unforgivable.
Steve Mecinski on Google

Haha fun bar in the centre of Arnhem. The bar ladies seem to enjoy the entertaining bar dances and hosting lots of bachelor parties. Close around 4/5am good selection of drinks good music and terrace area.

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