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Stationsplein 7, 3013 AJ Rotterdam, Netherlands

Phone : πŸ“ž +8
Postal code : 3013
Website : http://www.leonidas-bonbons.nl/
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City : Rotterdam

Stationsplein 7, 3013 AJ Rotterdam, Netherlands
Anita Designer Sale on Google

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zeer onvriendelijke verkoopster, het was altijd een prettige en handige (op cs!) winkel maar sinds zij er werkt niet meer. hier kom ik niet meer. een luxeproduct als pralines zou je met een glimlach moeten verkopen..
very unfriendly saleswoman, it was always a pleasant and convenient (on cs!) store but since she no longer works there. I don't come here anymore. a luxury product like chocolates should be sold with a smile..
robin on Google

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Ik had graag 4 dozen bonbons gekocht. Maar de dame had echt geen zin om klanten te ontvangen. Ik begroette haar maar er werd geen antwoord gegeven . Vervolgens wou ik graag bestellen. Ik werd door haar aangesproken dat mijn mondkapje niet goed zat. Dat is oke maar deze zat over mijn mond en dichtgeknepen boven mijn neus, een andere manier ken ik niet.. ik vond dit nogal vreemd maar wou graag nogmaals een bestelling doen. Misschien had ze t gewoon niet goed gezien.. De dame was heel zenuwachtig en onvriendelijk tegen mij. Nogmaals onderbrak ze mij, heel vreemd.. het leek wel of ze me weg wou hebben.. toen ben ik maar vertrokken zonder bonbons want dan geef ik liever mn geld ergens uit waar ze blij zijn om klanten te ontvangen. Vervolgens ben ik naar de buren gelopen om daar wat lekkers te kopen. Daar werd ik wel vriendelijk ontvangen en goed geslaagd. Ik hoop dat deze dame gewoon haar dag niet had en het bij haar volgende werkdagen professioneler zal doen, want anders kun je beter een andere baan zoeken..
I would have liked to have bought 4 boxes of chocolates. But the lady really didn't feel like receiving customers. I greeted her but there was no answer . Then I wanted to order. I was addressed by her that my mouth cap was not good. That's okay but this one was over my mouth and pinched over my nose, I don't know another way.. I thought this was quite strange but wanted to order again. Maybe she just didn't see it right. The lady was very nervous and unfriendly to me. Again she interrupted me, very strange .. it seemed as if she wanted me away .. then I left without chocolates because then I prefer to spend my money somewhere where they are happy to receive customers. Then I walked to the neighbors to buy some goodies. There I was warmly welcomed and well passed. I hope this lady just wasn't having her day and will do it more professionally on her next working days, otherwise you better look for another job..
shock moment on Google

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It has the most random and not up to date opening hours during the holidays.
Giulio C. on Google

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A quite small and standard Leonidas shop. Good place to buy a small last minute present.
Gerard Petersen on Google

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Normally, good shop ... site says open til 22:00 ... came by especially for some goods ... closed at 21:00 ... get your information in order leonidas!!!
Nena V on Google

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Often closed when they should be open, super unreliable
The Honest Reviewer on Google

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The chocolates are okay but personally I think there are better ones available, so I think the price/quality is a bit off. Sometimes they have free samples. Also customer service is not a word in the vocabulary of the employees. I wanted to choose a mix of chocolates, to which the response was 'we already have pre-made boxes' (they do have pre-made boxes; either with or without alcohol), but I wanted to choose myself because I don't like all the flavours. To which the lady let out a big sigh of annoyance. This happened now two times (with different employees), so I personally won't be coming back here, because of the service.
Dr Win Sutanto on Google

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A conveniently located Leonidas store offering selection of good bonbons as expected from this brand. A kind, cheerful and helpful lady helped me choose a suitable box for my family

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