OCEANS Beach House - Strand Noord 32 Strandweg: boulevard Scheveningen

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Strand Noord 32 Strandweg: boulevard Scheveningen, 2586 ZZ Den Haag, Netherlands

Phone : 📞 +77
Postal code : 2586
Website : http://www.oceansscheveningen.nl/
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City : Den Haag

Strand Noord 32 Strandweg: boulevard Scheveningen, 2586 ZZ Den Haag, Netherlands
Chetan Indolia on Google

Service was the highlight and so was the vibe of Scheveningen beach on a day with strong winds, drizzle and sunshine - in short typical Dutch weather :-P
HO on Google

During our 5-day Scheveningen holiday, we stayed at the Oceans almost every day, at any time of the day. Both the food and the drinks are simply delicious here. But what really convinced us about the shop are the nice, courteous and great waiters. Since we unfortunately did not remember the name of the waiter: on July 21, we sat at table 615 at around 9 p.m.: big compliments and a thank you to the nice waiter. And also a big thank you to Justin (table 415), he somehow tried to arrange panna cotta for us at night! The waiters here are really great, have good, short small talks and really try very hard. The ambience is simply breathtaking, the lights, the decoration and the view of the pier. We will come back next year!
Milou on Google

Tasty food and great ambience
Olan Golanis on Google

Stayed for dinner here. Very friendly staff, fast service and fish was good as well. Of course the prices are high, but all places are expensive around here
Amelie Spix on Google

Very nice ambiance. Very good food. The service took its time taking our order but after that it was really fast.

Nice ambient. Friendly staff. Tasty food. Nothing to complain, just enjoy.
Dennise Andrews on Google

Nice vibe chill music friendly service. It was slow when we dined and I think the food took too long to come out and the 2nd round of drinks came when we already asked for the check. It also took long to get the check. About the food well they have a simple menu with the usual. We ordered ribs and a vegan burger. The ribs did not seem fresh( frozen package taste) And the vegan burgen was okay. Ive had the best vegan burger at flower burger for only 8€ this one was 18,95 and the side salad tasted unwashed. Its an idea to was the letuse or let it sit in lemon water or vinager. No salt n pepper on the table. Capuccino comes wit sugar and cookie packaged but theres no container on the table to dispose these packages. And since we are near the ocean in open air it would be nature friendly if they had a ashtray or small dumpster on the table.
Sandra Rosich on Google

The food was good and the staff was super friendly. They offer all day dinner which is nice for people who really want to eat something warm for lunch.

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