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Tweede Hugo de Grootstraat 10, 1052 LC Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Tweede Hugo de Grootstraat 10, 1052 LC Amsterdam, Netherlands
Christian Murphy on Google

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Thanks to these guys, I own my first Leica! They were great in helping me put a great kit together. Side note: I asked for Portra 800, but got 160 instead. It was an honest mistake on both parties, just make sure you check the film before you leave.
Ilya Brodsky on Google

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There is no doubt in mine mind that if you have camera related issues of specialized printing - this is a great place. But for printing and scanning - terrible. I brought in some photos to scan. The scans were very expencive and not delivered in hi-res as promised. And the one print that i paid for - was not in the envelope. By the time i was attended to after a rather long wait - i had no time to check if the print was in the envelope, because i had to run. Do not go there for printing
Guilherme Takeuchi on Google

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Be careful buying used products The store owner is unprepared. When I asked how many clicks were on the camera, he told me there were 10,000 clicks. Coming home I checked how many clicks the camera has. 148000. in a canon 7D. I ended up buying trash. I can no longer get back why I live in Brazil.
Dianne Ocampo on Google

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Forgot a camera charger while on vacation and they were quick to help! Very nice to a non-local (which is sometimes an issue with smaller shops outside of the tourist area) and gave me all the info I needed. Also great selection of film, will be back if I run out on this trip!
Laura Dinu on Google

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they burned my 3 film rolls. they overexposed all the photos and didn’t even check them before sending.
ania onopiuk on Google

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No doubt the one & only place when it comes to analogue photography in Amsterdam? you will find all types of films, doka equipment, cameras and lenses in there. The stuff is super friendly, helpfull and professional. I have a problem with a broken camera filter which was stuck on my lens - they have took it down fornme. My hasselblad broke down - they manage the reparation! Cant be more happy with their service!
Ante Surić on Google

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Stay away from this guy, he charged 127€ for checking lens which is worth 50€ itself, in the end returned destroyed camera with glued dials, buttons and flash light...disgusting!!! Here is story with attached photos as proof; I came to his shop with camera and lens with focus problem on lens in order try other lenses. Guy took camera and checked it, faked that it is not working with another lens and concluded it is camera having problem with focus not lens!? Said camera will be send to Nikon and gave me paper stating costs are 42.35€ if I decide not to fix anything. Later on I received e-mail, trying to fake that problem is with camera not saying correct diagnosis (which is broken lens worth 50€), and advising "to pay 180€ to repair camera because it is much more expensive than worth of camera" instead of saying it is cheap lens being broken. Since i refused to pay 180€ for fix of 50€ worth lens he returned camera disabled, completely glued with secondary glue...very sad, no need to talk of professionality...
Andrew Reid (EOSHD) on Google

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Great little expert shop with some rare gems. Nice range of used lenses and new alike, especially Nikon and Voigtlander. Helpful, friendly and good place to go for medium format as well. Recommended!

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