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Bijlmerdreef 794, 1103 DT Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone : πŸ“ž +9
Postal code : 1103
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City : Amsterdam

Bijlmerdreef 794, 1103 DT Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bastiaan Rusch on Google

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Kom hier al een jaar of 8 en word hier altijd perfect geholpen. Goede service en kundig personeel. De tandartspraktijk is enorm gegroeid sinds mijn eerste behandeling daar en dat heeft een reden, top praktijk!
Have been coming here for about 8 years and always receive perfect help here. Good service and knowledgeable staff. The dental practice has grown enormously since my first treatment there and for a reason, top practice!
Diana Bremer on Google

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Slechte tandarts een tip als je een afspraak hier maakt zorg dat je het zwart op wit krijgt.
Bad dentist a tip if you make an appointment here make sure you get it black and white.
O'maira Westerlow on Google

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Fijne praktijk, ik kon er snel terecht. Vanwege angst ben ik geen vaste bezoeker van de tandarts, maar daar werd heel goed mee om gegaan. Alles werd stap voor stap uitgelegd en dat heeft mij enorm geholpen!
Great practice, I was able to go there quickly. I am not a regular visitor to the dentist because of fear, but it was handled very well. Everything was explained step by step and that helped me a lot!
Walter Petermann on Google

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I hate going to dentists but this is a very good one
Claudio Silva on Google

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I run into a problem with Tandartspraktijk Zuidoost about my insurance situation and they were very quick replying and resolving the problem.
DANNYonPC on Google

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Has been some time ago but when my old dentist left, a new one came (all fine) , but when he was busy in my mouth he had an itch in his ear, so he scratched in and went back into my mouth, which is a big obvious no-no Haven't been there since.
Dohn Joe on Google

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Beware of this dentist, the will ruin your life. This is where all the failed dentists go or something. They will have a student do serious work then lie about it afterwards. I moved to another dentist two years ago and everything is MUCH better. USE THIS DENTIST AT YOUR OWN RISK
Thomas Back on Google

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This dentist is the terriblest dentist ever! My girlfriend was there and now she is only crying for pain! I don't know if this dentist is a real one. Don't go to this one!!! Safe your own healthy !!!! All the best to all people of the world ! Stay Safe !!!

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