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A13 202, 2629 HA Delft, Netherlands

Phone : πŸ“ž +89
Postal code : 2629
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City : Delft

A13 202, 2629 HA Delft, Netherlands
Tarun Bansal on Google

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I will start with a positive note, and only good thing about this restaurant is people serving there are friendly and nice always a smile on face. but food and ambience is a big disappointment for me, also prices are on high side of range. for 2, we spend roughly 50 euro for veg samosa chat, tokri chat, amritsari chicken tikka masala, paneer lababdar, misi roti, garlic nan and mango lassi. out of this 30 euro was social deal voucher and roti/naan and lassi was extra on top of voucher.
Dinesh Kumar on Google

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Interesting concept. Indian restaurant on a motorway. Food served was great and at a very good price. But their service and waiting times were HORRIBLE. I wouldn’t go back due to the service. However if you had plenty of time in the world (to wait while they serve) then I would recommend to go try this place. Their food was very good.
Andrii Rusanov on Google

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Conveniently located authentic Indian restaurant. Meals are delicious and served really quick. Update. This is not related to the restaurant itself. Be aware of car thieves working at the parking lot! Our car was robbed and 3 laptops stolen while we had dinner.
Indrajit Paul on Google

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Good food on the highway. The Indian dhabha feeling. Tip- they sell samosa chaat, which is on the menu card. Dont ask for samosa alone, as they will charge the price of the chaat.
Vinod Gopani on Google

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An Indian resturant on Dutch highway, cannot ask for more. Small resturant, nice settings, good food which covers specialities from South and North India. Every time i pass by the highway i make sure to stop by for take away or a cup of tea with some Indian snacks. Four out of five times food quality has been good. They got a good collection of Indian desserts as well, which includes gulab jamun and Ras malai.
Mac P. on Google

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The food was quality great, much better than than you would expect at a highway restaurant location. You might call this food even fine dining quality. The price, however is very reasonable. The service also was great. Great environment
Carl Hakim on Google

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The Atithi Restaurant on the motorway next to Delft has been a place myself and my wife has visited for the last 3 years almost weekly. Although the restaurant is supposed to be fast food the service and food is great and at least as good if not better than most Indian restaurants. The staff are really friendly and we enjoy conversing with them and the the food tastes great keeping myself and my wife coming back week after week. Unfortunately we have heard that the restaurant is closing soon which is a huge shame and although there is alternatives it will be hard to replace the experience and ease for use to get to this restaurant by car
Hannah King on Google

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Before moving to the Netherlands, I lived and worked in India for 5 years. I’ve spent the last 3 years living here, and I’ve tried many Indian restaurants searching for the authentic dishes and flavours that I miss eating so much, but never quite found the right place….but tonight….the search is over!!! The menu at Atithi has all of the favourites (pani puri is a must!) and it all tastes home cooked, it is REAL delish Indian cuisine! Freshly prepared naan took a little longer as it was busy but it was more than worth the wait! Absolutely fantastic meal, five stars, we will be back! Thank you team Atithi!

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