Burger Zaken Oudezijds Voorburgwal Amsterdam - Oudezijds Voorburgwal 222

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Oudezijds Voorburgwal 222, 1012 GJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone : 📞 +
Postal code : 1012
Website : http://burger-zaken.net/
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City : Amsterdam

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 222, 1012 GJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Elisabeth Walton on Google

Delicious and not expensive. The barbecue sauce is particularly good, has a great jerk flavour. Service was quick. We were eating within 10 minutes of sitting down.
Manuel on Google

We were there twice and it was both great times. But on the evening of September 5th, a very unfriendly waiter “received” us, who couldn't even say ”hello“ with a small smile. He held the menu out to us without comment instead of bringing it to the table. After two minutes the gentleman came to the table and asked for drinks. We said we needed another minute. His answer: “You didn't even look at the map!!” (We had our cell phones in hand). We don’t want to be rushed on vaccation, so we then got up and left, which apparently didn't matter to him either. The waiter was clearly not interested in his job and clearly showed this to the guests - very poor choice of staff, in that case. If you aren’t able to show at least a mite of friendliness, you chose the wrong job. A pity, because the food is great. But we won‘t come back.
Marcel Heinsen on Google

Honestly one of the best burgers I've ever had! 250gr angus and you can eat it without making a huge mess.
Kamil Beeli de Belfort on Google

Good burgers for reasonable price. I got a black Angus 200gr, it was cooked great, the bread was a bit too soft for my taste.
shanika hewage on Google

It's the best burger for your munchies, they make the beef patties fresh and the fries are nice a fluffy on the inside just heavenly along with their garlic mayo.
Xuan-Anh Nguyen on Google

Good Burger, good patty and pricy. But it wasnt 5 star worth, the pickles, salad, tomatoes good be served with more love. Fries were ok. But the Service were very kind and fast.
Duc-Do Louis Trinh on Google

Very friendly staff, good and affordable burger! Highly recommend if you're hungry for burgers in the center of Amsterdam
Matthew Barabas on Google

Everyone in amstersdam seems to advertise "best burger", i can assure you it's not at this place. Was not horrible but felt like if you walk a but off the strip you'll find some great local food spots. Fries at this spot were good though.

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