Don Brûlée - Anna van Buerenplein 712

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Anna van Buerenplein 712, 2595 BH Den Haag, Netherlands

Phone : 📞 +979
Postal code : 2595
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City : Den Haag

Anna van Buerenplein 712, 2595 BH Den Haag, Netherlands
Mark Claessens on Google

Natasha Haris on Google

Heerlijke donut
Delicious donut
Chris Manoukian on Google

C H on Google

Heerlijk toetje! Donut gevuld met crème brulee
Delicious dessert! Donut filled with creme brulee
Ya M on Google

De donuts zijn om van te smullen, dit zijn verse zelf gemaakte donuts, de donuts worden gemaakt waar je bijstaat.
The donuts are delicious, these are fresh homemade donuts, the donuts are made where you stand.
Rosi Mohammadi on Google

Fan-tastic!!! Yummy yummy, food in my Tommy!
OhMyDog! School on Google

Un-be-lie-va-ble desserts and staff. Unpretentious, creative, original, beautifully presented, and perfect combination of tastes. Do yourself a favour and order a Don 43 doughnut. You will never want another desert again. It's not just nice for grown-ups. My kid loves this stall. They always take the time to talk to him and find out what he likes. His favourite? The chocolate cake. For my husband, the Don Waffle gets the prize. One of The Hague's best kept culinary secrets
Jimmy Chim on Google

It might be just me, but the creme brulee donut was really just spooning some creme brulee (from a foiled tin) on a cold donut, throwing some sugar on it and torch it so everything gets a bit warmer. And that for around 5 euro... And it really taste exactly as I described above. I really can't see what the difficulty of this stall is, so what makes them so special. It at most trouble saving since you don't have to buy some instant creme brulee mix and a pack of donut to make it your own at home. For me it was really not worth the money and a mistake to even try it out. Luckily the other stalls, so the neighbours did serve up some home made and delicious food.

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