In het Koorenhuis - Prinsegracht 27

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Prinsegracht 27, 2512 EW Den Haag, Netherlands

Phone : πŸ“ž +7777
Postal code : 2512
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City : Den Haag

Prinsegracht 27, 2512 EW Den Haag, Netherlands
Esther β€œFilmuziekfan” van Rijswijk on Google

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Great place if you search for a new hobby or make new friends! Friendly atmosphere It also has a great historic purpose, it used to be a storageplace for corn!! Hence the name!
Steven de Jong on Google

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This is a review for the coffee & sandwich spot downstairs. Nice spot, but rather unsafe for little kids (even though there are music lessons for toddlers in the building). Service can be slow.
Fabienne Vermeire on Google

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Nice place, good agenda !
Dyah Sukmawardhani on Google

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The jazz concert was great. The food was nice. The coffee was relaxing. Perfect place to stay during rainy evening.
Craig Heinze on Google

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Lovely open space with small podium, lounge and bar (and quite reasonably priced drinks + food). The main room was perfect for jazz, is spacious and with good acoustics plus setup of large tables made for comfortable listening.
H.Y. Huang on Google

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A very creative and lovely place for all sorts of cultural and artistic activities. I bring my young children there to learn music and they have nice waiting areas within and outside the cafΓ© on each floor for parents.
Luis Leonardo on Google

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I was here for a concert and loved the space. The concert room was a little small, but the acoustic was really great. The bar was also extremely useful as they have sandwiches and toast, besides, of course, beer. The outside of the building and also the interior is very interesting for photographers.
Riccardo Vescovo on Google

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Love it. I would rate five but I struggle with the agenda's of these (great) cultural venues in NL because - despite very nicely curated - it is ofnen complicated to have a plain schedule of what's in the program. This because the shows are nicely organised in mini festivals, and obsessively divided in categories that not always make sense. So despite super rich and nice, sometimes is just hard to stay up to date with what's going on!

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