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Theresiastraat 123, 2593 AE Den Haag, Netherlands

Phone : πŸ“ž +79999
Postal code : 2593
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City : Den Haag

Theresiastraat 123, 2593 AE Den Haag, Netherlands
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I ordered the Spareribs Texas BBQ in the Hague. I normally never bother leaving review on my order even if it didn't quite meet my expectations.. but this felt to much like a ripoff. The good things was the fries and the sauce. The main dish itself was simply terrible. It was 60 fett (If you ignore the bones) and also very small portion that took me 4min to finish. Looking at the competition, not only is it bad value but also lacking in taste and quality. I have eaten far better Spareribs with salad and fries on the side for only 13€. Absolutely not recommended (at least the ribs)
Spoti Fyerson on Google

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Great burgers and even better customer service. Due to the stress created by the massive amounts of people ordering food online. They accidentally missed some of our toppings. To make up for it they gave us a free burger as compensation. Lovely people working there
Maha Alasmar on Google

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The best burger restaurant ever I never liked burger that much but this one deserve a try.
Alex Lavenus on Google

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Well not being racist but when someone making your food you expect to understand the language that been spoken in the kitchen. They were speaking Syrian Arabic the whole time when i was waiting for my order.
Nicolas Roudier on Google

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There is so many bad things that spoil the good food. The service doesn't care at all about the customer, the delivery system is messy and they refuse to acknowledge their mistakes. I'd rather have a lower quality food in a place where I feel like I am respected. Bye bye Johnny !
Rolands Jms on Google

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Burger menus delivered by online order were terrible. Wet bread bun, dry tasteless meat with 2 sad looking tomato slices ... Not coming back. I want my money back, food was so terrible.
Bogdan Saiu on Google

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The burgers are awesome. I am on a diet that doesn't allow all the sauces in a burger but they've always put it aside for me without any question. The prices are affordable and the staff is friendly, i really like this place.
Armaghan Azhar on Google

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I tried Grilled chicken salad here and it was excellent. It was served in large bowl with fresh grilled chicken that were so delicious. I have also had BBQ burger and it was delicious and of good quality (but if you prefer it to be well-cooked, don’t forget to let them know). In addition, the staff are respectful and friendly. They had student korting as well. I will come by again! ??

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