Wandelpark Eckart - Oude Muschbergweg

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Oude Muschbergweg, Eindhoven, Netherlands

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City : Eindhoven
Description : Rural expanse encompassing forest & meadows, with roaming cows, roe deer & wild birds.

Oude Muschbergweg, Eindhoven, Netherlands
János Sz. on Google

Nice park to have a walk, sometimes feels like a middle of a deep forest.
Mohan Bandha on Google

Nice quiet park for a walk listening to chirping of birds
Dhani Prasetyaningtyas on Google

It's a small forest but still close by to the centre. A good place to walk a dog or walk around, enjoy the weather, the quite time. It's beautiful during the autumn.
Meng on Google

Very quiet and big forest, cows are here too. Few people. Suitable for cycling and walking.
Varun A on Google

Great place to blow some steam off. Nature's beauty at its finest.
Tímea Antal on Google

It's a great place for a short walk, not far from the city center, beautiful nature ❤️
Keith Phillips on Google

Nice for a walk in nature but nothing more than that. No usable benches, nothing further to do or see. I didn't see any evidence of active maintenance. According to signs at the entries there is wildlife so dogs must be kept on a leash. Which is appropriate during the breeding season. The potential for a nice human interactive natural environment is there but not used.
Terri-Ann dela Cruz on Google

No matter the weather, Wanderpark Eckart is a beautiful place to walk around in. The small forest seems quiet considering it's in between Nuenen and Eindhoven and its highways. Within the park, there is an estate for people who need special care. The place is gorgeous and very picturesque. Right across it are small, fenced areas with cattle and perhaps some can be petted. The park itself is just on the river dommel. There is a bridge that opens from 09:30 and stays open until 18:30. I walk here regularly with my dog as it's quite convenient to home.

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