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Langebrugsteeg 13, 1012 GB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone : πŸ“ž +9
Postal code : 1012
Website : http://www.pwakkerman.com/
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City : Amsterdam

Langebrugsteeg 13, 1012 GB Amsterdam, Netherlands
Raashid Naik on Google

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I bought a Montblanc from them online. It arrived nicely packaged. I bought it as a gift for someone and when I was testing out the pen before I wrapped it, it broke into two while I put the cap on. They clearly sent me a broken pen but took no responsibility for it. I went to Montblanc and they told me P.W. Akkerman is not an authorized dealer and they could do nothing. P.W. Akkerman says they are authorized, but if you look at the Montblanc website, they are nowhere to be found. I even called Montblanc Netherlands and they said they are not on the list. I would not recommend you buy anything from them. Terrible experience. I will be more careful to buy from an authorized dealers in the future.
luke on Google

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i first found this shop a few years back when visiting the upstairs pancake house round the corner - this is one of my favourite shops in amsterdam. its got a fantastic pen selection from the ones which are hundreds of euro through to ones which are only a few - they have heaps of books, inks, cases and accessories for anything you could think of to do with writing or drawing. its a magical place, set in a magical location and i will always go out of my way to come here. they have some pens which are extremely hard to find, just sitting there.
Benjamin Heaney on Google

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First off, this is a beautiful shop with a massive range of amazing fountain pens and paper. I went in with the intention of trying and maybe purchasing a Sailor Progear King of Pen, however that did not happen due to the sails rep who served me. I first wanted to try out a Lamy Dialog 3 to feel how the pen was in the hand as I was unsure about whether or not the clip would make it uncomfortable, the fact that I didn't care what nib size made the sales rep very sceptical and cold towards me. She then said that, "We'll only let you try pens if you intend on buying them, we don't just let people come in and try them as they all need to be cleaned.", I thought this was fair enough however was surprised she'd said it to me when I had only asked to try one pen and not specified the nib size. Then I asked about the KOP and she took me over to the sailor, she was very resistant to letting me try the sailor and only took me to look at them, I had to ask to just hold it as I felt I would be turned down from trying the pen I wished to purchase. Before she let me hold it she asked, "Weren't you in here yesterday?", which I wasn't, I had arrived in Amsterdam the day before at about 20:00. When I said no she didn't believe me and then let me just hold the KOP, the whole time looking very skeptical and worried. Overall, lovely selection, however this is the most dissappointing experience I have ever had in a pen shop, I was most likely going to purchase a KOP, however now I will have to look elsewhere as they probably wouldn't believe I wanted to purchase one.
Melian Shui on Google

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I was an overseas buyer. Their online shops are perfectly responding to overseas purchases. They quickly issued various documents for customs clearance. The pen was delivered by DHL without damage. There was a small problem with the first product I received, but the exchange process went smoothly. They usually answer email inquiries within 24-48 hours. I was satisfied with my first purchase. If you want to buy a fountain pen from EU, this store will be a good choice.
Pauline F. on Google

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This shop is a true β€˜Pen Heaven’ - just indulged myself ✍???
Ярослав ΠŸΠ°ΠΏΡƒΡˆΠΈΠ½ on Google

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Thank you very much to the seller, everything is fine. my recommendations. nice shop with a wide range of pens. best in Europe
Jake Vajarodaya on Google

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Awesome service for oversea buyer like myself. The pen arrived on time and was packed well. They also work a magic so I only paid 13.2% import tax + VAT which is on the low side. Their DHL shipping rate is also reasonable as well.
Michael on Google

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Very good experience with P.W. Akkerman. I purchased Montblanc inks and they arrived via DHL in two days from the Netherlands to Tokyo. They sent a follow-up email to ensure everything was in place. The package was professionally packed with a handwritten thank you note! I couldn't be more impressed with their service.

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