Asiadam Chinees Japans Restaurant - Damstraat 1

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Damstraat 1, 1012 JL Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Postal code : 1012
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City : Amsterdam

Damstraat 1, 1012 JL Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jun (Mull) on Google

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As a Chinese, more precisely, a Cantonese, I cannot imagine how they dare to serve such terrible food in Amsterdam. It was the first time I ate the 'shrimp free shrimp dumpling', which is even worse than those you can purchase in the supermarket. I also ordered the soup, and the tofu is sour. I don't have any symptoms after the meal, but the experience is really terrible. What's worse, the price is not cheap compared to other dim sum restaurants. So please go to other restaurants. If you wanna enjoy Chinese food, please go somewhere else. They are just humiliating Cantonese food.
Steve Cool on Google

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Terrible service. We ordered the set meals. The place was empty, our order was taken then a group of about 12 Chinese Asians turned up, followed by 2 Chinese Asians about 10 minutes later at another table. We were totally forgotten about whilst they were served first. Their food was almost eaten by the time our food arrived. My friend overheard our waiter saying that if we wanted serving quicker we should have brought more money. At this point he walked out before losing his temper. Absolutely disgusting behaviour. The food wasn't particularly good either, greasy and with very little flavour, average at best.
KC M on Google

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There is certainly room for improvement on both food quality and service here
Uchu Kyodai on Google

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This restaurant is very slow at making orders and gives completely wrong indications to self-employed delivery riders. Very disrespectful. Don’t request a rider at any random time, be smart.
CK Tan on Google

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Fantastic Chinese dishes in the heart of the Square. Not to miss for any Chinese visiting The Square.
Per Mouritzen on Google

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Great place for authentic Chinese food, the prices are fair and the portions are big enough, the food is really good and tasty. the staff is very friendly and fast, you don't have to wait long for your food
Sebgear Ryzorian on Google

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Great food and good service. Also not crowded at all.
Victor Kolesnikov on Google

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We had a dinner here, it took for waiters 25 minutes to take an order, place was not busy. Waiters did not know what is a food on menu and they could not explain about their food anything. Food was ok, but look of it was very poor. Waiter forgot to bring water that we initially ordered and they brought it after 2 reminders. Staff attitude was rude and unwelcoming. When we asked for a bill - we got a bill of 150€ for 3 person, when we checked the bill we found that they added 5 large beers that we did not order and that they never brought. We asked to remove it, they brought new bill and i found another thing that we did not order and that we never got. It took for them around 30 minutes to sort out the bill. Then they did not have a change from a banknote. So it was one huge disappointment.

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