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Leliegracht 12, 1015 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Leliegracht 12, 1015 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands
valeska escobedo on Google

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I bought a pair of shoes, very good quality and everything was perfect, the seller was so friendly and nice with us. lovely people
Aria Bennett on Google

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Will update with PokΓ©stop status in the future. The styles and stock don't really change but I found my favorite pair of shoes here and if you need a large size you're used to taking what you can get.
Jo Robertson on Google

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Amazing shoes and fantastic customer service. I received excellent advice on width and sizes of the shoes. I come every year and the service is 100%
Isabel De Los Rios on Google

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I bought a pair of shoes in this shop (even though they were definitively not customer friendly..). Very expensive shoes, and they were broken after a month!!! When I came back to complain, I receive the worst treatment ever. From being blamed until being kicked out of the shop by the old woman pushing me out. Really, worst experience in a shop ever.
Sally King on Google

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On entering this shop yesterday, the old lady demanded i give her my shoe size! I replied that it really depends on the width of the shoe. She immediately shared a comment with the younger woman serving and clearly wanted me to leave the shop, which I did without questioning?.
Walter Aprile on Google

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I didn't buy anything because the shopkeeper was particularly unfriendly. It is not nice to behave as if opening the door to the shop and letting customers in is an unbearable burden. Also, it is customary among humans in the Netherlands to greet people. As in, good evening potential customer. And so it is one more customer for Zalando.
Jessica Lauren on Google

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Had a really good visit to Big Shoe (was wondering after having read so many one star reviews here!). The same lady that other people found rude was really sweet, we chatted away, and I found exactly the shoes I wanted at a reasonable price. Very happy with my purchase and my experience.
Julia Bailey on Google

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Delightful experience buying shoes in a larger size. Helpful and attentive, and a good price for shoes which are just right.

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