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About Danone Place Amsterdam

Today, people want to have a vote in the world they live in. Each time they choose a brand they exercise their right to vote. They want that brand to be transparent, meaningful and responsible. Still, they also want the brands they choose to be playful, innovative, relatable, emotional and engaging. As a result, there is a new paradigm at play today: brands only exist through the power of people.

Danone’s brands are the means by which we engage in the food revolution. Some of them are called Manifesto brands as they have a clear brand model that drives each of their action. Some of them are not yet Manifesto brands but we have the ambition to grow every Danone brand into a Manifesto brand.

To bring this ambition to life, we’ve defined the Manifesto brand model, which is a framework to define, position and activate our Manifesto brands.

This brand model has as its unique starting point the focus on people, identifying the tension between a relevant insight and confronting it to the reality in which we live. This makes it possible to identify the legitimacy of the brand to operate in this environment.

But it also takes the following to make up a Manifesto brand:

  • a strong point of view and purpose that justify its existence in the world and relevancy for people,
  • a commitment to help improve the health of people, as well as to help protect our planet.

With One Planet. One Health being the backbone of every Manifesto brand, we now have in our portfolio a wide variety of brands bringing this signature to life.

So far, the movement is well under way with 40 brands already engaged in their Manifesto journey.

Our ambition  is that each Danone Brand will become a Manifesto Brand, powering the food revolution, and driving profitable, sustainable growth. This is how Danone’s brands will differ from others. 

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Address :

Taurusavenue 167, 2132 LS Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Phone : πŸ“ž +9
Postal code : 2132
Website : http://www.danone.com/
Categories :
City : Hoofddorp

Taurusavenue 167, 2132 LS Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Tomek Dolecki on Google

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Jeyran Ak on Google

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Kim Desmet on Google

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Mooi gebouw, goed bereikbaar
Beautiful building, easily accessible
Alejandro GarcΓ­a de Viedma on Google

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Estupendo espacio
great space
Raymond Sanders on Google

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Enorm trots op mijn bijdrage aan het neerzetten van één van de mooiste en modernste gebouwen in Nederland.
Very proud of my contribution to the construction of one of the most beautiful and modern buildings in the Netherlands.
istanbulbeermuseum cematay on Google

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Centre of innovation and collaboration
Chris G on Google

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Modern and beautiful interior design but not very accessible without a car

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