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De Oude Molen 5, 1184 VW Amstelveen, Netherlands

Phone : πŸ“ž +7
Postal code : 1184
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City : Amstelveen

De Oude Molen 5, 1184 VW Amstelveen, Netherlands
William Kensington on Google

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I would give the kitchen a 5/5 but unfortunately the service was much less than can be expected from a place like this. The food is of great quality and is definitely in the higher segment. The location matches this, the Kruidfabriek being a historic site with a nice interior creating the right ambiance. However, the service does not match the level of the kitchen. They are unable to anticipate your needs and are not proficient in creating the right atmosphere during your dinner. Examples of this are a long wait to be seated, a long wait for a menu and food not being delivered at the same time for all guests.
Jeanine van Velzen on Google

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Liked the food. Love the fact that there is a high quality 5 course menu. But the wait staff wasn't that friendly. Only at the table when they had to, they did an attempt. Another issue was the long waiting time between the courses.
Paul van den Berg on Google

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Excellent food, nice plates. Good attending staff and a good atmosphere in this place. Certainly worth your trip.
Frank Versteegen on Google

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It is hard to find any negative comment about this place; atmosphere is perfect, food is simply stunning, personnel is friendly, great terrace, parking for free... Definitely can recommend this place to anyone who is looking for an upscale place to sit, relax and dine perfectly!
Willem Dutch on Google

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I wanted to take my dad out to a special restaurant. So during the restaurant week this was one of the options available and I definitely liked the idea of a surprise menu. At the day we went to the restaurant and the sommelier welcomed us in the restaurant and he walked us to our table. He was super friendly and very knowledgeable. Then our dinner started and all of the waiters were friendly and they served all the dishes in a very timely matter. We every time had a nice little break. The quality of the food was outstanding. I really enjoyed eating at this restaurant and thank you for the nice experience
Kumantha Naidoo on Google

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I had a very negative experience with the service of the take away option. Despite the claim on the website that the restaurant can accommodate your dietary preferences when I called to inquire about the valentines menu I was told the menu is set and cannot be changed because the restaurant is too busy. So I ordered an extra dish to supplement for the dish I do not eat. When I was preparing the meal at home I realized that the instructions for my extra dish was missing. I called the restaurant, the person who answered did not apologize for the mistake, just asked for my name and said she would email me the instructions. I waited patiently by my stove and no email arrived. Just as I was about to call back she then called back to say the email was not going through and that I needed to email them first and she would reply. I did so and she then sends over the wrong instructions despite the subject of my email containing the name of the dish. Clearly she did not listen to my complaint as she did not get my name or request correct. So I try calling back but then no one is answering the phone, this is now really ruining what is suppose to be a special Valentine’s dinner at home. After a few attempts to call another person finally picks up, again no apology but at least I finally got the instructions. Also the main dish advertised on the menu was rendang and what actually came was a stoof. The interaction with the staff and unwillingness to accommodate dietary requirements ruined the dinning experience for me and I would not recommend the dinning out option.
Lekker Guide on Google

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Been to here a few times already, food quality is good and consistent, price is not cheap, but reasonable, excellent service, good ambience with a nice front garden, love their bread with special homemade butters
DaniΓ«l on Google

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We had a great dinner here - the courses were inventive and very tasty. Would recommend this for sure for either an intimate dinner or a place to go with a larger group.

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