Loetje in De Pijp - Ferdinand Bolstraat 188A

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Ferdinand Bolstraat 188A, 1072 LV Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone : πŸ“ž +7
Postal code : 1072
Website : https://www.loetje.nl/nl/locaties/in-de-pijp/
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City : Amsterdam

Ferdinand Bolstraat 188A, 1072 LV Amsterdam, Netherlands
Magdalena Sieczka on Google

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The food is nice however I had asked for the liver and I had received the fish. The waitress was arguing with me that I have ordered the fish while I have asked her about the liver if it is well done or medium and she even double checked with the chief... At the end we paid for the fish.. I don't recommend this place because of the bad service
Marco Li Mandri on Google

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The meat was properly cooked, and tasty. The service was very poor/everything went wrong. The waitress handed over the meat bali dish (containing lots of spicy sauce) not from my side of the table, but from the opposite side, probably just to save 4 or 5 steps? Anyhow the sauce spilled from the dish in my pants and shirt. The waitress didn't offer any napkin or help, she went away and made kind of joke about it
ILONKA Heisterkamp on Google

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Delicious food , great service, cosy setting.
Kyra Gerber on Google

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Lovely restaurant, great food and even more lovely staff! I enjoyed every minute there. The service was professional, friendly, and attentive. I highly recommend a visit!
Paula Morales Poclava on Google

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Very simple presentation (could be improved). I ordered a club chicken sandwich (11€) and I expected other type of bread and fresh chicken (it had ham chicken). I think it is overpriced. Friendly staff and quick service. Lemonade is fantastic!
Sabrina on Google

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We ordered the Loetje steak as well as the tuna and two starters. The entrees were pretty good but the jamΓ³n ibΓ©rico and manchego cheese with mango chutney starters were the highlight. Unfortunately, the service wasn't great. We didn't get our starters until just a minute or two before our entrees, even though we ordered them well in advance, and didn't get any check-ins for another drink throughout the meal. Great atmosphere though and they have detailed info for allergens as well.
Vitali Burla on Google

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A nice place to eat, the food is great, and the meals are quite big as well. It is a cozy place, and at the same time, with enough room for everyone. We've been there a few times and we have never been disappointed.
Kaustubh Mahajan on Google

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Phenomenal food no matter what you get here. We visited today (Day 4 after we migrated from the US) and are very impressed with what we’ve seen this far. Get the beef tenderloin with the garlic sauce, Bali chicken sandwich, Bitterballen, fries, Chicken satay, Pastrami club sandwich. All of these were absolutely great. Highly recommend this spot.

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