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Ggz-instelling Parnassia biedt de beste hulp bij psychiatrische problemen voor (jong)volwassenen en mensen psychotische aandoeningen in regio Haaglanden en Noord-Holland.

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Zuidplein, 3083 BZ Rotterdam, Netherlands

Phone : πŸ“ž +88777
Postal code : 3083
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City : Rotterdam

Zuidplein, 3083 BZ Rotterdam, Netherlands
Sebastiaan Oosterveld on Google

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0 sterren. Half 8 gebeld, midden in mijn ochtend en nemen niet op!
0 stars. Called half past seven, in the middle of my morning and don't answer!
Hakim F. on Google

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Je word zonder overleg uitbehandeld. Er word niet eens eerst met jouw gecommuniceerd dat je word uitbehandeld terwijl je middenin de behandeling zit met alle gevolgen van dien. De route van uitbehandeld worden gaat niet volgens de regels.
You will be treated without consultation. It is not even communicated with you first that you will be treated while you are in the middle of the treatment with all the consequences that entails. The route of being treated does not follow the rules.
Lorène Gaudin on Google

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Scam. 3 years after leaving the Netherlands I get an invoice for a consultation at a location I've never been to, charging me 1,400 euros - you read that well - for 5hrs of care which never happened (or is that admin handling? I can't tell, it's all in Dutch), and claiming I didn't provide a valid Dutch insurance or EHIC, which is false as I did have an EHIC plus private insurance at the time. I would advise against even calling their number to book an appointment - they would probably charge you for that.

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