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Als u op zoek bent naar een plek waar u uw schoonheid wilt verzorgen, dan kunt u onze salon bezoeken

Onze salon biedt het volledige assortiment nagelverzorging voor dames en heren, inclusief manicure, spa pedicure, shellac, kunstnagels…

Wij beschikken ervaren nagelstylistes om uw uiterlijk professioneel te verzorgen. Een gedegen hygiëne en kwaliteit is waar Kelly Phan nails voor staat. U mag natuurlijk altijd even naar binnen stappen als u in de buurt bent.
U bent van harte welkom in onze vriendelijke en gastvrije salon of maakt snel een afspraak ( 020-489 80 81)

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De Clercqstraat 50, 1052 NH Amsterdam, Netherlands

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De Clercqstraat 50, 1052 NH Amsterdam, Netherlands
Marine I on Google

Bad experience! Very bad customer service! I was treated like a thief... They only accept cash... so we have to find a solution to pay. I made a wire transfer from my Dutch bank, the amount was deducted from my bank account immediately(which we could see on my application right away). the lady couldn’t see it on her account yet, so I left my number. She called me one time couldn’t reply as I was working, and didn’t know it was the nail salon number either. The day after she try again, she was mad at me, because I didn’t answer the day before, treating me as if I was a thief, even though she could see on the day the amount was deducted from my bank account. In the meantime I call my bank, who told me that the payment was made, I downloaded a bank statement (where we see the operation) and called the salon back to tell them I can send them the statement and to suggest they call their bank to check on their side for the payment. The lady was yelling “why you can’t come, why you can t come”, if you don’t want to pay that is fine! And hung up on me. (I am actually working and can’t come on week days) Anyway, I don’t think thief Call back to help find a solution to their problem, she treated me like I was a thief whereas I was just calling to help them find a solution and call their bank with my bank statement because on my side the amount was paid. To sum up they accept only cash and when you transfer money, the operation is showing on my side but not on theirs and I am the thief! Really don’t recommend to anyone! Very bad customer service!!
Julia Lindvall on Google

Did gellac on my nails 10 days ago, four nails have already gone off which I never experienced with gellac before. My friend wanted an extra layer and they become very unfriendly when she asked for it. Would never recommend this place to anyone and defiantly my worst nail salon experience.
Mathilde Giron on Google

First time I did my nails here, only because it was urgent and they were available on short notice. Nails look good but nothing spectacular, the lady who did it was anything but gentle with my hands so was not a very pleasant experience My BIGGEST disappointment: was very happy to see that mask is mandatory in the salon BUT the people over there don’t wear it. Another girl was talking to the lady who did my nails, We were not separated by a glass, was NOT wearing a mask and was coughing quite a lot. Tried my best to stay as far as possible from where I was sitting and turn my head on the opposite direction, but it did not seem to bother them AT ALL that someone working at the salon was openly coughing without a mask !!!
Deepali Rathod on Google

Kelly listened to what i wanted and asked at many stages if i was happy with my nails. Very professional and very friendly people. I would definitely recommend this place!
J M on Google

Kelly Phan and her staff are very friendly. Their work and Customer Service is excellent. Been here 5 times and I always leave happy and satisfied out of the nail salon. I've tried several salons before and since I discovered Kelly Phan Nails, I never go anywhere else for my nails.
Raisa Carmen on Google

Such a friendly staff ? Kelly and the team made sure our mani's and pedi's were beautiful. Eye for details!
Nina Stanková on Google

My first ever experience in a nailsalon. It's really nice, they are skilled and know what they are doing. Their colours are beautiful! I came there with two friends unannounced and still they could help us almost immediately. Thanks!
Divya Chawla on Google

Super cute place and very easy to get an appointment. She took care of my nails and gave me a tinkle on my thumb and ring finger. Loved it!!

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