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1183 AH Amstelveen, Netherlands

Phone : πŸ“ž +989
Postal code : 1183
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City : Amstelveen

1183 AH Amstelveen, Netherlands
Tanishq Ghadge on Google

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No proper football field available here.
GergΕ‘ Stich on Google

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Huge student campus, with several facilities.
Davide Mariotti on Google

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One of the best campus in Europe! In the campus there several buildings, a big gym, a small pub, small supermarket and a pizza place. It is also possible to find a small football field. I really enjoyed my staying in uilenstede, green Tower. The campus I close to the Vrije University, around 5-10 minutes by bike. The city centre is a bit far but well connected. 25 minutes by bike.
Behnam Bozorgi on Google

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I am having best experience of my life here
Sina Gh on Google

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Amazing environment, natural park and river nearby, I lived at building 510 with an amazing view, quiet and good for professionals, enjoyed my stay there though it was limited to only 1 year.
Batuhan GΓΆrece on Google

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Great place for students who study at Vu. Nice people and cosy neighborhood.
MQ Yeow on Google

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Spent 4 months living here during my exchange in Amsterdam. Stayed at the Green Tower during my stay. Honestly, the room is large and cozy. Comes with your own mini fridge and personal toilet (for the room option that I selected). The hostel is near Metro 51 and Tram 5 which brings you directly to the city centre in 30mins. Hostel is also near Station Zuid which has a direct NS train to Schipol Airport! The downside: It gets noisy during Fridays and weekends night due to the house parties going on at different floors. But this is highly dependent on the people living here.I have had really nice floor-mates during my stay so I had fun. My room was a bit dated and old, especially the toilet (with poor drainage system). But I know that Duwo will be renovating all the rooms so that should improve. Lastly, there is only 2 lifts for the entire building which means it takes time for the lift to reach you especially during peak hours. Overall, given that accommodation is expensive in Amsterdam, I find that my stay at Uilenstede is good and relatively affordable compared to if I were to rent an Airbnb.
Lucia Schlemmer on Google

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Wonderful student accommodation, close to the university and with a gym nearby. Generally quiet and located in a very green area. Close to the metro and just 30 mins away from the center of Amsterdam.

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