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Mosveld 85, 1031 AD Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone : πŸ“ž +779
Postal code : 1031
Website : http://www.wokchef.nl/
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City : Amsterdam

Mosveld 85, 1031 AD Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dani Braspenning on Google

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Dit was met alle respect een restaurant wat gewoon niks goed heeft gedaan hahaha, om 19:15 bestellen en je bestelling verwachten tussen 19:45 en 20:05, bellen om 20;15, zeggen dat ze onderweg zijn en een half uur later aankomen (over een stukje van Maximaal 10 min) dat als eerst gezegd te hebben, is het eten droog, zitten er dingen in wat ik expres niet aangekruist had en is de smaak gewoon niet goed netjes gezegd. Dan ook nog een chagrijnige bezorger aan de deur krijgen spant helemaal de kroon. Motief van het verhaal: nooit meer bestellen hier.
With all due respect, this was a restaurant that just didn't do anything right hahaha, order at 7:15 PM and expect your order between 7:45 PM and 8:05 PM, call at 8:15 PM, say they're on their way and arrive half an hour later (about a piece of a maximum of 10 min) I said that first, the food is dry, there are things in it that I had not checked on purpose and the taste is just not well said neatly. Then also getting a grumpy delivery man at the door takes the cake. Motive of the story: never order here again.
villavile87 on Google

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Soms maken ze en fout bij het gekozen ingerediyenten maar smaakt tog lekker wens veel succses ik lus geen shampions het zit er tog wel in wat doe je dan haal je ze gewoon er uit blijven lachen
Sometimes they make a mistake with the chosen ingredients but it still tastes good wish you lots of luck I don't loop any shampoos it's in there what do you do then just take them out keep smiling
Minh Nguyen on Google

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

good food, affordable price, nice portion and friendly staff!
Mahreen Haroon on Google

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Tasteless wok, the rice wok with oystersauce is very dry and tasteless. Further we had a wok with ramen noodles with medium spicy sweet sour sauce. The noodles were too soft and mushy, the wok overall watery and had a lack of salt. So bad taste, never going to order again
Juliana Picca on Google

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

very delicious food! a hardy meal for a low price, would definitely recommend! also good vegetarian options and the staff were really friendly
Sima Karim on Google

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I had my food on time but sadly got the wrong noodles in my order.
Tim Croes on Google

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Delicious wok place, quite cheap, it will fill you up and leave you with enough leftovers for 1-2 plates.
April Croes on Google

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Very yummy meal. Definitely our go-to for wok meals. The large was huge. Could only fit half in my bowl and stomach ?

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