Ferilli's Caffè Ristorante - Beethovenstraat 14-16

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Beethovenstraat 14-16, 1077 JG Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Postal code : 1077
Website : https://ferillis.amsterdam/caffe
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City : Amsterdam
Description : Relaxed locale with sidewalk seating, serving up traditional Italian seafood & pastas, plus wines.

Beethovenstraat 14-16, 1077 JG Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ham Bam on Google

Terrible food poisoning... I was hesitant to eat my meat because it was a bit suspicious, but I ended up convincing myself that it was OK (I guess I was starving...). Big mistake, I should have sent it back!
Quinty Amaya Smits on Google

A very lovely Italian place. It’s a bit more chique and expensive than your regular Italian, but very much worth it. Everything you order will be of great quality. Besides the atmosphere is very, very lovely. A great place to have a business meeting as well to have a festive family dinner. A friendly team of staff, that’s always committed to give you a pleasant experience. Their lobster an truffle pastas are my favorites. And oh, top them off with a panna cotta and some tiramisu!
Arnoldas L. on Google

Lassagne was in level of studen. My girlfriend tried pasta with crab meat, so it looks not really good, maybe very bad view honesty. ... sorry, never never again here. ??
Chris Hoz123 on Google

Host was rude, was like I was bothering him by wanting to eat at their restaurant. He begrudgingly sat me, where I then waited for 15 minutes without being spoken to. Finally someone asked if I needed anything, I asked for a drink and a menu. 15 minutes later, still nothing. Place was more than half empty, should not have taken 30 minutes plus to get a drink. I got up and left. Went down the street to Bar Kaspar, which was awesome. Friendly service and great food. Recommend you do the same.
Mi Ym on Google

live in the neighborhood and always irritating to pass by this restaurant, people are occupying the small path with talking and smoking, and they really don’t move! My dog got kicked by their customers twice while passing through, plus they once charged us for an expensive dish that we didn’t order (it's refunded when we claimed the other day). Food and service are just as common as other places. Definitely not my favorite.
Horace Pinker on Google

Nice and pleasant decoration overall BUT the food is terrible. The pastas were blend, not or barely seasoned and served cold. Considering the prices they apply, it is a total rip-off. The service was poor and the staff arrogant. This is something I notice often in Amsterdam : restaurants & staff arrogance, thinking they play in the same league as the Parisians, except the French cook amazing food + they offer water and bread, REAL hospitality.... Try again.
Esperanza on Google

Me and my girlfriend went here last night for my 26th birthday. I was excited because the food seemed to be good from what I had seen. We walked in and walked up to the host, a blonde woman. She was incredibly rude. She barely looked at us and her tone was just indifferent and arrogant. This host who clearly looked down on us started talking so amicably to an old rich couple next to us. The difference was obvious. I don’t know if she expected a tip from them or something but she was fake. We ordered wine and the waiter just emptied the last bit of a bottle and therefore only giving me half a glass of a Vermentino I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. I think they did not expect some twentysomethings to know anything about wine. We ordered our courses and it came pretty fast. The entree was good. The main course however, we both had a pasta that was underwhelming and bland. Too much cream, not authentic italian at all. While I was eating a waiter stopped, turned around and looked at me. He was staring at me for almost a minute. I felt incredibly uncomfortable and I looked down hoping that he would leave. This was absolutely crazy and scary behaviour. We had planned on having dessert but when we stopped eating for a second a waiter flashed by and took the plates away. There was still pasta on our plates and nothing indicated that we were done other than us taking a minute from eating. My mouth dropped honestly. It felt like we weren’t welcome there at all and were being rushed for not looking rich or wearing expensive designer bags. After this I said we are leaving now. They’re absolutely crazy if they think they are going to get any tip. I have never in my life felt so uncomfortable and unwelcome in a restaurant. The prices and the food did not match up at all, highly overpriced for the basic food and the horrible service. Unless you are a regular rich white customer, DO NOT go here and waste your time and money.
Myriam Vergeti on Google

Very nice food and the staff was friendly . A point for improvement: for so high prices, the toilets were terribly messy and dirty! I wouldn’t expect it !

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